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I love photographing birds.

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Kagome Higurashi cosplay by moi.

Kagome Higurashi cosplay by moi.

any chance i could win a kiss?

A digital one, perhaps lol 

You have a chance to win a digital self portrait done by me!

Watch the video above for details.

Art examples: 


1:I breast fed for 5 years

2 My mom slept with Jimmy Page 

3:You’re never more than six feet away from a spider

4:The worlds deadliest jellyfish is also the largest

5:I used to slap my stepfather when he spoke out of turn

6:I weigh 134 pounds

7:Both of my grandmas are gay

8:Dried seal penis and squid knuckles are considered aphrodisiacs(in some places)

9:Roughly around 50 small animals have died in my care

10:I was never grounded as a child

11:A group of rhinos is called a bang

12:My mother worked for Bob Marley’s mom as an adopted slave.

13:I had a heart attack from coffee

14:The only thing i’m better at than art is science

15:A group of owls is called a parliament

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Contest end Sep.19

my sister name also sarah elizabeth but he not doing sex why?

Because sometimes when you need peanuts you rob an elephant.